We owe it to the future generations to transform the world. 

The world needs creatives to do so.

The creative world needs fresh eyes of the future generations to show us the way.

- Jeroen Boschma





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Who are the fish?

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Coral fish

The coral fish are the clients. The ones with the questions that need answering.


Fresh fish

These are the fresh eyes, the new perspectives, the angle you didn't see. 


Deep-sea fish

A deep sea fish is an expert. The one that has been crafting their expertise for years.


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Why we swim together

We have found the recipe for exceptional creation. Plain and simple it is perspective and variety. More variety of minds in a group provide more perspective on any subject. Problem solving with experts brings only expert ideas, which will solve the problem, but not always outside the box. Sometimes the sort of solutions needed are not the most obvious. That is why we introduce the fresh eyes to your dilemma’s 



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How we flow

When you swim with the same team in the same tank, your ideas, just as your water, become stale. The school of fish invites you to jump out of your tank and swim with us in our school for a while. The school will consist of a deep sea fish (experts), some fresh fish (students), and of course you, the caught fish, who bring the dilemma. 

Before we begin on the project we must make sure we are a school of fish and not a shoal. A shoal is a group of fish congregating together to benefit from “safety in numbers” but not moving or behaving in unison. A shoal becomes a school when all of the members of the group coordinate their movements and behaviour; by swimming tightly together in the same heading and changing direction in unison. When we all act as one and make sure we are all on the same level, the rest of the project will run smoother in times of rough waters.



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Join the school of fish

Join the school and become part of a group of individual talents that share a common goal to pass on their own knowledge and learn from others. Together we form a stronger entity, creating a current to the future .

We don’t decide who can enter the school, the collective does, if and when they feel the individual’s intention is to strengthen the School. We don’t decide the common goal, an individual does if they can get the others to follow their lead and agree. We don’t decide how long you stay in our current, you do, until you feel strong and inspired enough to leave again.

Do you want to constantly develop your knowledge and add to the knowledge of the School Of Fish? Come and take a dive and feel refreshed when getting out.